What We Do

You Deserve to Take Off


What We Do

You Deserve to Take Off


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At Commonlink Productions, we believe in creating positive social change by utilizing the connective power of storytelling & media. 

Regardless if you are a musician, entrepreneur, or non-profit, Commonlink Productions will help carry your vision from inception to post-production. We offer high-quality 4k media at affordable prices. We are a full-service production company and provide scriptwriting support, filming, editing, and professional production for online streaming. 

  • Social Media Blast Package - $400

    - Two 30 second promotional videos

    - One 60 second promotional videos designed for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

    - Three high-resolution digital format photographs

  • Starter Media Package - $550
    -Two hours professional videography service

    -One 2-3 minute video for online distribution

    -Three high-resolution digital format photographs

  • Pro kit -$900

    -Three hours professional videography service

    -Two 90 second (or one three minute) promotional video for website/online media

    -Three 20-30 second social media videos for marketing blasts

    -Ten high-resolution digital format photographs

  • Drone photography and videography - $120/hr

    -Get high-quality aerial footage

  • Weddings - $1,500

    - 8 hours of videography Wedding Day coverage

    - All raw 4k video delivered on separate external hard drive

    - Professionally filmed, edited, 4k video; five - ten minutes in length 

    - Drone photography if applicable

  • Videographer for the day - $50/hr or 8 hours for $400

    -Just need someone to shoot 4k footage for you? We've got you covered.

Have an idea for a larger project? We love documentaries (it’s how we got our start) and the art of extended story-telling. Shoot us your vision and let’s collaborate.

Digital media can expand your network's reach and have a profound effect on your local and global community.

While we specialize in delivering simple, strategic, targeted video and web solutions at affordable prices, we also have the capacity to go beyond web & video by designing customized marketing mixes for larger movements and broader organizational goals. 


Video Production

Share Your Story Through Compelling Video

Video Production

Share Your Story Through Compelling Video

What type of video production is right for me/us?

Commonlink can assist in co-creating:

Website Videos
Testimonial Videos
Explainer / Tutorial Videos
Launch Series for a New Business, Product or Service

Live Video Events
Marketing Programs
Image / Brand Campaigns
Employee Communications

Educational Programs

Short and full-length documentaries


Website Design

Custom Web Designs 

Website Design

Custom Web Designs 

What type of websites do you build?

We build websites using either Wordpress or Squarespace design solutions.  

If you already know what you want and are "content-ready" then you are likely looking for a simple turn-key website.  

On the other hand, if you are exploring how a website can boost your endeavors and need additional guidance in the process of establishing content, photography or branding help - a "custom solution" may be more of what you need.

How much will it cost?

Custom Solutions:

Everyone has different needs and it's own unique characteristics. Depending on your goals and markets some types of web designs will support your business better than others. The more customization you require, or fancy bells & whistles you want, the more your website will cost to build.

Also, if you are not a web developer or web designer, it’s easy to overlook other important key aspects of web design – like web copy, graphics, search engine visibility, etc.

If you are looking for assistance in designing and building your website, or have a complex vision you would like to communicate, contact us today for a free website consultation and quote.

"What if I Just Need an Straightforward Small Business Website – No Fancy Bells & Whistles?"

Turnkey Small Business WordPress OR SQUARESPACE Website – $697 USD

If you want a nice-looking, professional WordPress or Squarespace website (of no more than 10 pages) for your small business or if you want to start a personal blog to position yourself as an industry expert, we can do this easily for you.

What You Need to Have Ready to Go

  • Your logo or header
  • Any images you want to include – of yourself, your team, your products, etc.
  • Webpage copy that is ready to go, such as “About Us”, “About Our Services”, blog posts, etc.

What does this include?

  • A customized theme based on your goals and objectives
  • A Contact Us Page
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization


Communications Strategies

Discover the Connective Magic of your Story 

Communications Strategies

Discover the Connective Magic of your Story 

Good storytelling can lead to impact through the spread of new ideas, improved access to resources, and by inspiring important conversations.  

Every person has been impacted by a narrative that has changed their life. Stories shape the bedrock of our beliefs. People tell stories through rituals, customs, words, symbols, slogans and ideas – these are known as“memes”. 

Memes are units of information that evolve through the transmission of ideas, behavior and style. Like a living cell or an active virus, memes replicate virally, spreading from one person to the next. They are even passed from generation to generation until they have a life of their own.

Memes can be redefined, reinterpreted and recreated by incident or intent. A meme can subconsciously and psychologically motivate individuals, peoples and groups to feel and act.

They have tremendous potential -and power- to build brands, businesses, organizations and political platforms. This is why memes have become part of mainstream communications strategy.

Commonlink Productions works with narratives and memes to create a foundation for a story-based strategy. We link people’s actions with the narrative power that places storytelling at the center of social manifestation and change.

If you are looking to elevate your communications strategy it may be appropriate to strengthen your organization's story. Memes along with integrated, holistic business strategies can take an organization, business, idea, product or service into the next stage of its evolution.  

At Commonlink we provide communication consultation services.  We work with you to develop and strengthen a story based strategy.  

Consultation services are provided as needed for just $20/hr.