The Dreamer's Lotus is the first book of The Lucidity Series by Mike Dickenson. Written for a the young adult genre, readers of all ages will appreciate the deep ecological tones within the novel. The novel also explores themes of perception, duality, and the power of the individual in a collective world. It's a must read for anyone who considers themselves to be on the path of "awakening."

Commonlink Productions became the sole publisher of this book and assisted in all aspects of its production. From cover design, editing, creating a compelling book trailer, social media, website design, and a two-month long contest - The Dreamer's Lotus beautifully conveys what happens when good writing and good production unite.




Commonlink Production collaborated with local artist Kassia Borycki to produce an original cover design for The Dreamer's Lotus. We also produced a book trailer for the novel. This short two minute video is a great example of the power that visual storytelling can have for an audience that is seeking strong imagery within a work of fiction.  

To help generate buzz and build a following, we developed a specialized contest that correlated with the themes within the novel by creating the opportunity for readers to win a 3 day rafting trip on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. 

Lastly, every book needs a good website.