The College of the Melissae, Ashland OR

The College of the Melissae offers a community-centered hands-on approach to beekeeping science, art, craft, culture and ceremony. Modeled after ancient village-based temple educational systems, the college offers a multi-faceted curriculum that trains students to become proficient beekeepers and develop the skills to provide action-based magic and leadership in these changing times.
Their Mission is spiritual, cultural and political as the Melissaes’ energy directs and defines itself.

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In May 2013, Commonlink produced several videos for the College as a part of their online media learning center. These videos were used to offer remote learning opportunities to students who could not attend in-person seminars.  The videos have also been used to archive educational materials for use in developing curriculum.

Laura from the College of the Melissae introduces Queen Moon. This video is a look into the practical components of what comprises the Hive Kit, Available Hive Inspection Attire, and how to use a Smoker. The last portion of the video is a brief talk about Queen Moon and an exploration of what's happening in the Hive the month of May.

Gary S. Bobroff gives a sneak peak of his upcoming Ted Ex presentation on the return of the divine feminine. For more information visit: