Good storytelling can lead to impact through the spread of new ideas, improved access to resources, and by inspiring important conversations.  

Every person has been impacted by a narrative that has changed their life. Stories shape the bedrock of our beliefs. People tell stories through rituals, customs, words, symbols, slogans and ideas – these are known as“memes”. 

Memes are units of information that evolve through the transmission of ideas, behavior and style. Like a living cell or an active virus, memes replicate virally, spreading from one person to the next. They are even passed from generation to generation until they have a life of their own.

Memes can be redefined, reinterpreted and recreated by incident or intent. A meme can subconsciously and psychologically motivate individuals, peoples and groups to feel and act.

They have tremendous potential -and power- to build brands, businesses, organizations and political platforms. This is why memes have become part of mainstream communications strategy.

Commonlink Productions works with narratives and memes to create a foundation for a story-based strategy. We link people’s actions with the narrative power that places storytelling at the center of social manifestation and change.

If you are looking to elevate your communications strategy it may be appropriate to strengthen your organization's story. Memes along with integrated, holistic business strategies can take an organization, business, idea, product or service into the next stage of its evolution.  

At Commonlink we provide communication consultation services.  We work with you to develop and strengthen a story based strategy.  

Consultation services are provided as needed for just $20/hr.